The Matchmaker

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Written and voiced by George William Smith
(c) All rights reserved, August 11, 2020
based on the Smith Family Christmases 1950-1967
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I'm Going Dark!  I am back to writing my autobiograpy Chapter 15!

Yesterday, I spent 2 hours fitness walking my beloved Kinsmen trails.  During that time, I met ~100 people on the trails getting in a good walk, run, bike ride who passed me.  Almost all of them smiled as we passed each other.  My heart was warmed as I was seeing the best of society.  Unfortunately, when I arrived home, there had been phone calls, emails that I did not solicit.  It changed my attitude.  It's stalkers, people from all over who want me to answer the phone who I do not know and emails who while friendly suggested strongly they were woke, the exact opposite of my beliefs.  So, I am stepping back and hiding to keep myself sane.  So if you don't get phone calls from me.  That is natural.  I hate phones unless it is a special day from special people.  So if you don't get emails from me, it's because you're woke; you're a pain in the neck wanting contact that I do not want to give or I am not going to open it because it might be a hack I cannot afford to suffer.

I have watched my beloved sports of track and field and cross country being invaded by cheats, mechanical changes to the footwear where the goal is to set records, not compete. 

I have watched my beloved job of educating being taken over by the 'Ends Justify The Means' teaching associations and teachers with their political goals to teach their students not to think and instead what to think. Universities are full of Social Justice Warriors, deans and professors bent on power or just keeping their mouth shut and taking their salary home that is derived largely from taxes on private industry and employees.  From top down, indoctrination has now descended down to kindergarten. 

This world is upside down.  This is not a freak act of nature, which has taken us back to the dark ages.  This is being perpetrated on the majority of people to confuse them into questioning everything.  One must confuse the populace to control the masses.  Trans occur roughly 2 in every 11,000 people; XX preferring XX partners or XY preferring XY partners ranges from 2% to 7%.  It bothers me that 93% of people who are attracted XY to XX have become slaves to the 7% and their demands on society.  How can such a small minority demand so much from so many? 

One answer is that the churches are being cowards with the heads of Pastors buried in the sand.   This is changing a bit and there is hope in this direction.  My father never went to church unless there was a wedding or a funeral of someone he loved.  Yet, he prayed each night on his knees.  I have followed in his footsteps as I now do the same.  I have read the Bible, Koran and Book of Mormon.  The last thing I do is read a chapter every night before I get in bed.

Another answer is that politics corrupts one if they stay too long in the profession.  A good man can be turned by temptation.  To get elected they will hide their true self and hence a real democrat is elected as a Republican or vice versa.  My dad founded the 'Democratic Party of Canada' with his brother, because after WWII politicians went back to their old ways ; You first, if I need your vote; Me first, if I have been elected. 

Women who don't need men unless it's dark outside.
Men who have non-functioning Y chromosomes.  Defend and protect translates to "run away"

In the 1950's and 60's, we sat around the dinner table watching the Evening News.  We trusted the media.  Today, the media is the problem.  Occasionally, truth is shown, but those who are old enough know not to always trust the media, especially when deceit ensures power or at least keep your job.  It is not always easy to find the truth on the Internet.  Type in "Are Covid-19 vaccines safe?"   Two years ago, almost 100% of the sites would answer, "Yes" and say why.  If we do the same search today, we find that only about 40% of the sites say "Yes".  If we limit the search to those not on the payroll of big pharma or are real scientists, not depended on the government wages, I would guess over 98%.  We now know for sure, Covid-19 vaccines are not safe and from the very first real scientific studies done, have never been safe.  Just in the last couple of days, we have found that vaccinated mothers can pass the vaccine spike protein to the nursing child in her milk (9/26). 

In conclusion, there are still people I want to keep the communication lines open: my nephew Garth, my cousin Jack and his wife Pauline, Jason Stokes who I recently had the pleasure to teach some skills in improving his running, cousin Robin, longtime friend Don, and a few others.

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